Bilingual printable versions of the Four Spiritual Laws!

Introducing a new version of Four-Spiritual Laws to be used by english speakers for directing others to Christ. Bilingual Gospel tracts are an effective way to share the Gospel with people from different cultures, over a cup of tea or coffee. All of the tracts offered for download are based on "The Four Spiritual Laws" by Bill Bright. Each tract is back-translated from the other language, preserving the cultural adaptations that the tract has already gone through. This gives you the correct logic, relevant issues, or appropriate verses for each culture. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader 5.0, and you can get that for free here. Download of the Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws will take 1-5 minutes, depending on your connection speed.

All of the following include English translation

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Afrikaans  more   Mongolian
Arabic(Nominal Christians) more Nepali 
Arabic (for Muslims) more Pedi  more.gif (237 bytes)
Bambara Polish more
Cambodian  Portuguese
Cebuano Portugese(Brazil)more
Changane Romanian
Chinese (Traditional) more Russian more
Chinese (Simplified) more Serbian
Croatian Setswana
Dutch more Shona
Ekegussii(rough draft) Siswati
Estonian  Somali
Farsi more Sotho
Fijian Spanish (Latin America) more
Finnish Spanish (European)
French  more Swahili
German more Swedish
Greek Tagalog more
Hausa Tamil 
Hindi more Thai more
Hungarian Tigrenya   
Ibo   Tongan 
Ilocano   more Tsonga  (rough draft)
Indonesian more Turkish   more
Japanese more Tyap 
Kalenjin  Vietnamese (Contemporary)
Kamba   Vietnamese (Traditional)
Kinyarwanda  (rough draft) Xhosa
Korean more Yoruba 
Latvian  Zaire-Swahili (rough draft)
Luba Kaonde (rough draft) Zulu

Other language editions

Albanian-German for Albanians with German back-translation
Arabic-Spanish (for nominal Christians) with Spanish back-translation (rough draft)
(for Muslims) with Spanish back-translation (rough draft)
Chinese-German for Chinese with German back-translation (rough draft)

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